Floyd County Rescue Squad membership categories are Active, Associate, Life (semi-active and inactive), Special Driver, Probationary and Observer. Unless indicated otherwise, all active members are Virginia certified emergency medical technicians.

As of July 2013, members actively running calls are:

Station One

Russell Altizer, Chris Crookshanks, Meredith Crookshanks, Gregory Goad, Steve Graham, Kenneth Hall, Kim Hall, Connie Harman, Roger Hollandsworth, Wayne Howell, Bill Linville, Jason Schumann, Daniel Sommers, Sarah Sommers, Nathaniel Sommers, Trent Thibodeaux, Michael Whitlock, Alex Wirt, Amber Wirt, Ford Wirt,

Station Threes

Joe King, Trevor King, Andrea Krochalix, Brandon Thompson, Brent Webster, Jennifer Yates, Phillip Rumburg

Station Four

Hunter Allen, Emily Barbee, Katherine Bentley, Roy Bentley, Patricia Bishop, Ann Boyd, Benjamin Boyd, Clifford Boyd, Arcadia Costello, James Cox, Keven Cox, Wayne Lawson, Cindy Lee, Stephen Love, Lorenzo Marshall, Sean McKnight, Patricia Quesenberry, Rusty Stanley,

Inactive Life Members

Martha Allen, Cynthia Babb, Lemuel Battle, , Mayola Duncan, Beth Gaspard, Connie Hayden (Charter Member),William Hayden (Charter Member), Grant Helms (Charter Member), Jerry Helms (Charter Member), Warren Jackson, Ersel Manning Jr., Christine Martin (Charter Member), Larry Myers (Charter Member), Wanda Nolley, Darel Quesenberry, Patty Quesenberry, Dillard Reynolds, Bruce Turner, Angie Underwood, Eric Underwood, Regan Underwood, Evelyn Vest, Lucille Wilson, Martha Wirt,Don Johnson
(Semi-Active Life Member) Donna Johnson (Semi-Active Life & Charter Member, Special Driver)

Deceased Life Members

Richard (Dick) Beall (Charter Member), Dale Bowman, Sandi Cox, Eldon Duncan, Nelson Hale